Island FogBrick Patio, N.Y.

This project created a traditional brick patio in Staten Island, NY.

Originally, the only existing features were the tool sheds and the retaining wall on the left of the patio. The bare ground sloped down to the house. In addition to being unappealing, it caused drainage problems as all the water was directed toward the house and had no place to go.

First the ground level was changed by adding retaining walls at the bottom (house side) and right side of the patio. This created a mild slope toward the house and to the right. Then drainage pipe was added in the patio area and along the house edge of the patio. 6 inches of gravel was laid and a foot of sand on top of that. Regular brick pavers were added on top of that. The embedded drainage siphoned off most of the water away from the house.

On the right side a planter and privacy fence was added. This separated the patio area visually from the driveway. A planter was added at the foot of the patio (which also helped drainage) and a walkway was created allowing access to the left site of the property.

Finally, a Wisteria trellis, benches and dual planters were added at the top of the patio, creating a shaded place to sit in the heat of the summer.

Brick Patio