Island FogRoof Deck, Manhattan, N.Y.

This project involved building a deck on a second floor roof at 34 Barrow St.

The property is one of a small complex of buildings originally built for tradesmen in the early 1800's and is of some historical interest. The property is now a Co-op. The task was to replace a small deck with access for this second floor owner.

The roof had a history of leaking, presenting a special concern. The deck itself was constructed of removable flats supported by a fixed frame. This allows for cleaning and repair easily and without tearing apart the deck. The supporting posts were placed on wooden pads which were fixed to the roof with nails and a liberal undercoat of roof cement. Around each footing we constructed a pitch pot and filled it with roof cement. This insured the deck would not contribute to the leaks. We replaced an existing window with a pair of French doors, appropriate to the house, that provided access.

Roof Deck